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Welcome to Suryoday!

Suryoday Trust is the first non-profit in Nallasopara that is dedicated to the cause of providing education to children with intellectual disabilities with a view to making them functionally independent adults who are well-integrated into society. Founded in 2010 by members with decades of corporate experience, it currently works with 70 children, borrowing its working style from the founders’ rigorous corporate work ethic, discipline and network.

Our Vision

Children with intellectual disabilities grow up to become socially integrated and functionally independent adults.

Our Mission

To develop the overall personality of children with intellectual disabilities through adequate education, life skill development and parent counselling.

Our Values

We believe that people with disability, irrespective of their age, gender, cultural or linguistic background, religious belief, geographic location, sexual orientation, or the nature, origin or degree of their disability: 

  • Have a right to education like all normal children.
  • Possess many skills and abilities, and have enormous potential for life- long growth and development.
  • Have a right to life and to bodily integrity. Have a right to live a respectable and dignified life.
  • Are entitled to live in and be a part of, the diversity of the community.
  • Are entitled to social support and adjustment as a right, and not as the result of pity, charity or the exercise of social control.

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